Calibration Calendar for Instruments

Calibration Calendar for Instruments

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Calibration Calendar format

As basic requirements of QMS Systems (ISO 9001, TS 16949 etc..) having a clauses & needs of clauses in manual system that any organization which had applied for QMS, EQMS that need to calibration its instruments frequently or due requirements as instruments.

What is Calibration of instruments?

Calibration is a default measurement checking process or system that approve to instruments are able to work smoothly as requirements / needs / capability as per manufacture red assigned / capacity that manufactured declared for use of instruments on any process. Calibration is the process that approves the instruments measurements / parameters as requirements of instrument’s instruction notes.

Why instrument Calibration required?

On daily used of any instruments like Vanier, Micro meters, etc.. instrument works on very lower measurements viz micrometer due point is 0.5 that is very low to measure visually or by eye sets, further instruments are still on working conditions that only can prove calibration process. To avoid mistake of any products, material measurement it’s necessary to made calibration.

What are requirements of LAB for calibration?

As per ISO 9001 & TS 16949 etc… Standards are refer that NABL approved lab can calibrate instruments, NABL approved labs adequate procedures, standards according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Calibration of instruments & its records should be maintained for due dates of calibration of instruments, records that help to third party examination, some time customers are also request to view calibration records.

Very first step of the calibration of instrument should be well scheduled to people of Quality Assurance are better vision to follows calibrations of each instruments on time to time. For the keep on track of calibration schedule… Needs to make a Calibration Calendar & it’s also requirements of international standards too.


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