Environmental checklist points

Environmental checklist points

Environmental Checklist points

  1. Workplace  environments free from hazards / Aspects

  2. Hazardous or combustible materials – department wise marked & noted?

  3. Personal protective equipment – department activities respectively?

  4. General housekeeping, improvement is dust free environment, chemical fumes, burning gases emission controlling methods?

  5. Lighting, temperature and ventilation – Offices, workplaces, general area, toilets, canteen, and pantry?

  6. Electrical outlets and wiring are safe – general admin areas, walls in factory premises, within department, under ground wiring?

  7. Machinery/appliance guards – each rotating things, wheels, chains etc..?

  8. Machinery/appliance markings and notices – identifications numbers e.g. crane nos, rope identification no?

  9. Building Structure (Damage, Danger Condition)? Should be Stability certified, earthquake proof.

  10. Proper Air circulation – Each department, storage rooms, work places, general area, area where covered by walls?

  11. Fitness Certificates of Vehicles, PUC license available of all the company vehicles? & Driver fitness certificate, driving license is available?

  12.  General Hazardous / Aspect like batteries, Circuit boards etc… Disposal records, verify the authorized personnel whose collecting all?

  13. All required certificates like air emission, noise levels etc… certificates are available?

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