Non conforming product Register

Non conforming product Register

 Non Conforming Product Register

Non conforming product meaning is product that manufactured is not meet requirements of product criteria, supplier specific requirement or standard requirement of product.

During the manufacturing process product when any mistake, leak of standard procedures or method are not follows cause product’s acceptance tolerances are not achieve. There is also one more possibility having a major factor for non confirming product manufacturing is the machine’s parameters, during the maintenance, unskilled operator of machine or any technical problem can cause non conforming product.

Non conforming products records are maintain in register to investigation through find out the root cause, all the concern problem are identify, monitor, root cause and corrective action on trouble of source are raised non conforming product, through nonconforming product register investigator done further actions.

Non conforming product register required following column to compliance of complete investigation as below:

  1. Work order No.: through work order number, all the material are goes to production line, production peoples are also work on base of the work order number is the one of the most important for traceability of the material, reason are work order number is goes along with material on each production steps and processes, all the concern department peoples are also move work order number with material.
  2. Material Code: material code is also used for the traceability of the material, from the planning department to dispatch and also sales after sales service peoples are also identify material code to traceability.
  3. Model No (Identification No.): As usual, material model no is also good for the traceability, but on some floor working after the model numbers are achieve its identity, from the planning department plan for the parts that after assembling complete material are for dispatch material, during production line after assembling materials that model no is gives for as identity for out side of production line to end users.
  4. Type of Problem: for the identify non conforming product need to understand type of problem are came to  product pushed for non conforming, in the production line dozens of problems are creating challenges to need the identify and shooting its all with impacting to other production lines.
  5. Investigation: investigate, Root cause identify are most important for the problem are occur during production can reflecting the reputation or losses that avoid that kinds of problems or minimize that problem to fix out as possible limitations.

All above points are help to people who are working with standard working environment and also possible that all are also done at its production line, might this information are also became helpful at your end.

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