Personnel Competence and Skills audit checklist point

Personnel Competence and Skills audit checklist point

Personnel Competency & Skills audit checklist point

  • Are there sufficient qualified personnel assigned to maintain the quality management system?

  • Area all document changes like revisions, amendments, corrective action / preventive actions and customer complaints / feedbacks / suggestions processed in timely manner?

  • Are there sufficient qualified personnel to operate product realization processes?

  • Are internal audits, management reviews meeting, training and other activities are conducted at defined frequencies, all activities are done on as scheduled?

  • Are there customer’s orders are delivered on scheduled by customers? All the dispatch concern documents are sent to customer in time frame?

  • Individual competence records like educations, training, skill and experience records are properly maintained? Each employee records are maintained in format decided by management? Where all the employee records are maintained?

  • How do managers/supervisors responsible for assignment of work activities know who is competent to perform a particular job?

  • Individual job posting is affecting product quality? Are there defined competence and requirements are consider for the job posting individually?

  • Are new employees formally trained for new jobs/positions? How? Is this training recorded?

  • After completion of training, how is the effectiveness of the training evaluated? Is it done for all training provided, without exceptions?

  • Are employees aware of specific consequences of product deficiencies and failures (safety, environmental, customer dissatisfaction, etc.)?

  • Are employees aware of the quality objectives relevant to their jobs/positions and do they know how, specifically, they can contribute to reaching these objectives?



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