Emergency Evacuation Plan checklist

Emergency Evacuation Plan checklist

Emergency Evacuation Plan checklist

  1. Is there a safe written evacuation plan for the workplace?

  2. Is there emergency plan is review & updated as per defined frequency?

  3. All workmen / employees are trained on the plan?

  4. Evacuation Map is deployed at the places easy visible for every one?

  5. Are there procedures in place to assist individuals with disabilities leave the workplace?

  6. Have there been drills conducted in the last year?

  7. Are there floor wardens or other persons available to help others in an emergency?

  8. After vacating the workplace, is there a specific area where persons are supposed to gather to be accounted for?

  9. is  there emergency evacuation plan wise separately deployed & is there point location is indicated as ” are you here” to peoples are understand the map?



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