Environment Health & Safety General inspection points

Environment Health & Safety General inspection points

Environment health & safety general Points

  • Environment health & safety notice board is updated?

  • Incident / accident report’s format copy available?

  • Emergency exit ways are free from materials? 

  • Each chemicals / hazardous categorized material having M.S.D.S?

  • Is there Environment health and safety policy is deployed?

  • Whether emergency evacuation plan is available?

  • Environment health & safety records are deployed at notice board?

  • Safety sign boards / posters / warning / cautions and instructions are deployed?

  • Check there are first aid boxes having optimized stock? & all the concern people phone numbers are available with it?

  • Fire extinguishers are deployed? Fire extinguishers selection list is available?

  • Material storage is properly? Well organized? Optimum Quantity defined?

  • Ensure that gangways are net and clean there no any unwanted materials are available?

  • All department gangways should be cleans and yellow boards / identification line should be visible in night

  • All gas cylinders are properly storage? Each storage area should be properly identification numbers and labeled?

  • Check whether waters or raining water not in touch with electrical panels.

  • Check is there loose wire or open connection of electric?

  • Machine or equipment’s main switch should be easily accessible.

  • Each fire extinguishers are deployed properly, properly tagged and easily accessible at time of emergency

  • Check whether plugs are used by peoples are working at plan for noise?

  • Is there boxes are deployed for the waste is generated from various processes? All waste boxes are separate as types of wastage?

  • Each cranes having a testing certificate?

  • Is there equipment is calibrated /tested? Certificates are available?

  • Whether crane is not in used, check the crane’s hook taken safely at above than ten foots.

  • Personal protective equipment are in used at each department? 

  • Pipe lines, crane, equipments, instruments, devices, movement equipments are colored?

  • Peoples are aware of environment health and safety concern?

  • Waste Scrap yard is properly maintained?

  • Exit signs boards available on door of exits?

  • Department wise emergency lights are installed?

  • is the floor is slippery, applicable for each department

  • Each rotate equipment, wheels etc.. Should be proper covered guards are available?

  • Where welding works going on – is there warning board must be deployed, is there available?

  • Whether works of maintenance is on going, warning boards should be there with work on progress with local language and English is there deployed?


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