Environmental review meeting

Environmental review meeting


The purpose of environmental review meeting is to ensure that effectiveness & appropriateness of environmental management system is reviewed at planned periods.


The objective for establishment of environmental review meeting is to implement effective environmental management system in organized by reviews current system conditions, suitability and effectiveness verification through document, processes and tests results reviews concern environment system. The environmental reviews meeting held the points and needs to care or main parts of meeting are:


  • Time intervals
  • Communications and inputs from members
  • Considering environmental concern government, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Agenda preparation / discuss
  • Pending points discussion
  • Action plan and targets and responsibility assignment
  • Results and reporting / analysis
  • implementation


The environmental review meeting is conducted as per time scheduled by management that is management representative for implementation of environmental management system, and responsible for arrangement, communication, identification of requirements, setup of agenda and it related documentation of meeting are handled. The environmental management representative is arranged and document processes. As the minimum requirements of standards should be maintained, environmental review meeting should be held at least once in three months or as per organization structure, the management representative should be responsible to communicate and arrangement of meeting by sufficient methods are established to meeting conducted as schedule date. There is also important each member should get the indexed agenda of meeting, the review committee also intimated. The management review committee should appoint, assigned the duties and responsible to environment management system team or as cross functional team of employees representing all department and departments.


The meeting should carry out as per meeting agenda prepared by management representative, the general discussion about environment concern, and agenda points should be minutes of previous meeting, corrective and preventive actions status, environment management system audit results and discussion points, achieved objective and targets, feedback of third parties, interested parties and government communications and environment incident / accident reporting are on main parts of meeting. The meetings some points are discussed as on priority are environment policy and its reviews, environmental aspects and actions plans are important. As the outputs of the meeting are verified and circulated to members about participants, actions and implements documents and indicated responsibilities and timeframes are provided to respect upcoming meeting. All the records of environmental review meeting should be maintained by the management representative. The documentation and its records are maintained in the environment review meeting records, see example format:


Environment review meeting record – general points
Environment review meeting record – general points




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