Eye Examination check up register

Eye Examination check up register

 Eye Examination check up register

In industrial area working peoples are facing problems with eyes due to chemicals & air pollution DB is higher than residential area, due to long time working in the polluted environment, industrial peoples must problem concert eyes, lambs & skin, the solution is timely check up & prescriptions for the all above problem concern.

Eye examination check up is very necessary for the industrial peoples for the personal health & also requirements of various industrial standards, factory acts & rules and demand of international standards are follow the requirements of factory acts and other acts and rule  are mandatory for the industrial requirements.

According to factory rule and international standards like ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 requirements eye examinations, lambs and skin as well as all necessary tests that depends on the factory environments are required to testing in house by deployment of doctors or any approval dispensary for the legally all the tests for the each employee are mandatory.

 For the more information, Indian industrial people can read the factory rule 1948 & also there are munch of website that provides the requirements of the factory acts and rule, need to follow, compliance of the rule are mandatory for the all industrial people whose run business in India.

As per EHS (Environment health & safety) according to ISO 14001 & OHSAS (Occupational health Safety assessment series or management system ) 18001 – requirements are mandatory for the eye, lambs & skin as well as all the required test as per factory acts & business concern.

Here we are given sample format for eye examination check up register or check up records sheet for the basic idea. Probably eye examination is required for all the employee need to examine in company permissions, but the employee are working in quality testing department, Quality control and quality assurance department people need to examination of the product by visual, so its also requirement of the others international standard that follow quality management systems.

Company also need to test the eye examination for the maintain quality, in case of the eye problem having any employee can lake the quality parameters that need to for test of product during visual testing. Most industries whose follows environment, Health & Safety system that allocating the doctor in organization for the frequently doctor for the necessary all the test can possible for the done as and when required.

For the better idea you can download format for the internal use:



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