Preventive Action Request

Preventive Action Request

Preventive Action Request

Most of the industrial people are change or replace part after damage happen with machine or machine’s part, but the preventive actions are mostly not happens due to not awareness of the preventive action and ungrateful find the root cause of the damage of the parts.


Preventive action request note can 03 types of non conformity:


  1. Product
  2. Process
  3. System


Preventive Action is an advance technique or format shows a employee’s skill due to preventive actions can possible to identifications of the damage part of the machine and same will be find out the root cause of the machine or parts are very important for the company’ financial as well as product quality can also affects. Preventive action solves the quality problems / hidden losses are eliminating in advance.




Production department prepared the preventive action request note for the machine’s important part like a Die & plugs due to some non conformity found with concern product quality found rough or not as per quality parameters.


In the description of the potential non conformity production department will be motioned some quality problems that bearing in previously produced in lots, material quality concern problems can be mentioned in this column.


In the detail of potential effects can show the deep details to concern product quality in problems are facing with particular product or sizes having troubles.


For the problems with Dia & plugs are need to change or replace reason should be mentioned as root cause, why the Dia & Plugs are need to replace, there are specific reasons that required for the machine maintenance.



For the request raised by production departments send to maintenance department to take in confident to management representative for the particular problems are facing. For the details information, here you can download preventive action request note with full details are required for the complete the process cycle.


Download Preventive Action request format in word document


Preventive Action Request Note Format / Examples / Samples / Template



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