Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis

Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis

 Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis

Cranes is critical equipment for plant that all the works can shutdown on break down of cranes. All the works are depended on cranes are very important works are assigned by operating of each activity in plant area, that is the reason that maintenance department are well aware of preventive maintenance frequency, cleaning lubrication inspection tightening activities are monitoring and controlling to avoid such affect on production line.

Cranes analysis are very basic requirements depends on maintenance activities are spend behind breakdowns, if break downs are low means preventive maintenance team are well aware with the cranes operations and maintenance, but keep in mind do not count preventive maintenance time in breakdown time, preventive maintenance time should be count separately to show the real picture of preventive maintenance times and breakdown minutes for analysis.

Here above you can see picture for the samples of cranes daily reasons that mostly prevent on crane operations. All are basic problem we identified on cranes movements in plant. You can see that all breakdown reasons are all most happen in your plant too, you can add or delete any reason as your requirements and your previous experience.

 Above Example picture, show that specific crane, always create format for individual crane wise reporting to easier for analysis & identify the crane wise solution for the further decisions. Locations & use of crane details are also very important for the report are shows the particular locations / machines / area will be affect due to crane will be shut down, incase of any important machine or area are very critical of shut down can loss the men hours and financial big loss.

Importance of the crane breakdown, analysis of breakdown minutes & other requirements are fulfill with the format we create for you for download free of charge:

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Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis Format in Excel Sheet

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Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis details / Break down minutes Analysis

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