In house calibration format

In house calibration format

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In house calibration format

As per international standards calibration of instructions and devices are necessary. Further timely calibrations of the instruments and devices are gives a productive work to respective tasks.


As per ISO TS 16949 requirements, All the instruments and devices are calibrated as per calibration standards. Instruments and devices are in used at works, inspection processes and production lines. ISO/TS 16949 also refer the government approved third party approved laboratory. So, its necessary tasks that every organization, which are using measuring instruments and devices should must calibrated through approved laboratory. If organization have it’s own in-house laboratory, that is must approved with International standard ISO 17025.

Why calibration require?

Every measuring devices must be calibrated as per international standards. If the device validated as per standards that will reduce risk of inadequate results. So, its very important every devices which are in used, should be accurately perform and gives accurate product criteria as expecting accuracy.

In short, Instrument should be calibration as periodically frequency is decided as per manufactures manual instructions & well calibrated by ISO 17025 standard laboratory having NABL certificate.

If your facilities are follows the international standard approved by NABL that met the all requirements for the same, you can calibrate the any instrument to concern scope approval, but some instrument are not required the standards that you can do the in house calibrations.

in house calibration documents

If you are things that which type of format are should be maintain for the in house calibration that very simple as below:

  1. Title the name of instrument
  2. As usual Serial no – discipline
  3. Instrument No that has unique identity
  4. Name of Maker of instrument
  5. Frequency of Calibration
  6. Calibration Date
  7. Remarks, if any
  8. Signature of calibrate done by ( Important)

Signature of the calibration is very important on completion of the job. Its describe the information of calibrator’s level of inspector and skills. Skilled personnel are always reliable, which may find in previous records of calibration.


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