Acknowledgement letter for QMS requirements

 Acknowledgement letter for QMS requirements

Letter to customer for acknowledge Achievements of Quality Systems, Technical Specific System that enable to fill full requirements to concern.



XYZ Company Limited,




Sub: QMS requirements.


Dear Sir,

We are implementing Quality Management System in line with ISO/TS 16949:2007 & ISO 9001:2015. As a part of implementation we want to ensure that all customer specific requirements are covered in our QMS. Please, let us know any such requirements. We have assumed following requirements:

  1. Achieving ISO/TS 16949:2007 certification.

  2. Achieving Cp/ Cpk of minimum 1.33 for each customer defined special characteristic.

  3. Conducting MSA studies in line with MSA 3rd revision of AIAG.

  4. Conducting PPAP for each new product developed in line with 4th revision of AIAG reference manual and submitting to customers as per PSW obtained, if any.

  5. No specific format for addressing actions against customer complaints.

  6. Supplying test certificate with each lot, including traceability to raw material source (Specific no / Identification no).


In case of any deviations in above requirements or any additional requirements please inform us as early as possible.


Awaiting yours valued feedback.



Warm Regards,




Management Representative



ABC Company Limited


(Company Seal & Stamps)


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