How to manage inspection progress report – Free template & Format

An inspection progress report is document may contain status of quality inspection being made on tasks are planned for quality inspection.

Overview to inspection progress report

Actually inspection progress report is document that use to manage the record of ongoing inspection process at various areas of workplace. It may indicates the particular product or order details, even also include the current processes and remain testing details.

The report may help to identify the requirements of the quality, and help to determine the actions to improve the quality inspection and entire process. Normally the process is conduct on reviews of customer technical data sheet, specification list and product characteristics requirements.

How to prepare inspection progress report?

To preparing the inspection progress report, first of all you have to understand the inspection processes and types. Generally inspection process is conduct by visual or dimensional inspection in engineering and manufacturing units. The inspector should ensure that the all parameters are correctly define, and as per standard requirements. Here are some tips that may help to prepare inspection progress report:

  • Describe the general information of the inspection such as product name, process name, quality engineers, workplace name, time of inspection, level of inspection, date etc.
  • List out the components, samples are use for the inspection and current status after the inspection process.
  • Describe the product line / manufacturing facility details.
  • Details of the general tolerance, variations, and deviations details of the product.
  • Each sample’s measurements, shape, color etc. details with results with standard requirements for product.
  • Product quantity in production details, and how the inspection process is conduct. Mean The product taken as randomly for inspection? what method is use for selection of sample? etc, information require in progress report.
  • Describe the results of the inspection and describe and quote the suggestion if require.

These are common requirements for the preparing inspection status report. Normally the quantity and quality both the details are require to describe the information it. Even the quality details should highlight on the report is much better.

Quality inspection progress report template

See picture below given as example of quality inspection progress report for education purpose:


Inspection progress report
Inspection progress report


Quality inspection progress report format

The quality inspection progress report format is use to recording information of quality inspection process. The quality inspection report is prepare by quality engineers. Inspectors team are fill the format & submit to quality manager. Quality manager is responsible for collecting the report and review for verify the status of quality inspection of product as frequency and schedule.

The reviews helps to determine implementation steps of quality inspection that progress report needs to mention details of inspection process and condition of product quality. The documentation for the quality inspection is manage as per quality documentation system requirements. Its storage, update and disposal are managed accordingly.


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Inspection progress report




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