Workload chart for production


Workload chart documents are establishment needs to managing workload in various locations, machine and areas to understand requirements of resources and engagement for planning.


Workload chart documentation is managed for conducting the workload concern production lines. The production workload managed by concern department that is planning department. To managing each machinery, equipment, resources as per customer order, the planning department manage each customer order. That each requirements are considered and managed the production lines accordingly.

Hence the each machinery, equipment and resources are managed for production lines as per order to consider its capacity. So its important that each order managed, planned and scheduled quantity for production line, machinery and equipment organise for particular tasks, and ordered quantity, that scheduled to producing material that its important for production lines to verify the workload to managing resources, monitoring and controls over activities.

The Workload chart is describe the tasks that managed, hence the chart is considering values that is quantity of the production lines managed by planning team but the overall picture show the which unit, which machine and equipment as well as resources are engaged with manufacturing facility, the planning team is managed the schedule for the month that each processes, machine, equipment and resources, and units that conduct the particular tasks and ordered are managed, and same the production lines are followed its schedule that production lines and planning are verify, and implement schedule accordingly.

Where to use?

The manufacturing processes are conducted as per planning department, planned and scheduled as customer orders to processing the quantity loaded at lines, the production lines are verify the quantity scheduled by planning department to producing materials. The production department is verify the workload by recording the quantity scheduled for each manufacturing units, the workload chart is help to determine planning of resources, monitoring and controls on the activities of manufacturing unit.

The production lines and its concern management is conducting workload chart process and its concern requirements that is monitoring and controls, hence the production manager is responsible for prepared the chart as per planning department provided schedules, planning of machine and resources to easier for monitoring and understand workload at appropriate places as mentioned in planning sheet. See picture below given as example format of workload chart for education purpose:

Workload chart
Workload chart


The Workload chart is format that may use in internal management system. To recording information of production lines daily planning and individual unit load. To compare and identify engagement of resources of particular unit and processes. The workload chart is managed as per planning department provided schedule for producing materials.

Hence the production lines are manage this chart to monitoring and controls over processes. As well as human resources, and other requirements are conducted accordingly. This format is part documentation system. That all the concern processes, storage, handing, managing, update and its disposal is managed as per documentation system processes. This format is production owner that it is maintained by production department.



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Workload chart




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