Safety rounds for house keeping inspection of workplace

Safety rounds for house keeping inspection of workplace


Safety round is conducted for inspecting housekeeping works as frequency to identify safety requirements and non-conformance in workplaces.


Safety round is inspection process that established and conducted as per frequency defined by management / management representative or safety manager to inspecting housekeeping works in various departments / workplaces to identification on non-conformance as per standards requirements for housekeeping works, and improvement of safety in workplaces by identify safety requirements to conducting each process and areas observations. Safety round inspecting is conducted by safety officers as per frequency defined by management / safety manager; safety manager is prepared formats for inspection process of safety rounds to identify safety requirements and non-conformance as per general discussion with departments heads and visiting each areas / locations and processes verification to needs frequently monitoring and controls for maintain safety in the workplaces. The safety officers are conducting activities as per pre-defined as well as condition of places where housekeeping is required to eliminate possibility of risk level in workplace, the housekeeping process is maintained for the managing clean & safe environment where maximum fire risk, process disturbances or other problems creates due to improper housekeeping, so its important that each processes and workplaces are properly cleaned and each housekeeping process defined by human resources / management should be maintained.


Safety rounds documentations is prepared by safety manager of management representative for conducting safety inspection process for inspecting housekeeping services in workplaces for identify safety requirements due to housekeeping or improvements needs in housekeeping process which is directly reduce risk in workplaces. The document is used as per safety rounds are defined or scheduled as per system or requirements of condition of workplaces, but generally weekly or every half monthly conducted, see picture below given as example format of safety rounds checklist for housekeeping audit for education purpose:


Safety rounds checklist
Safety rounds checklist


Safety rounds checklist is document that used in housekeeping audit of workplace where entire workplace are verified where housekeeping done or required which is affecting safety or improve risk in areas where proper housekeeping is not done. The format is covered all the offices / admin areas and floor areas which is also considered as production lines and supporting processes areas where high possibilities or risk or needs to care of safety requirements. See following types of general questions can include in safety round checklist:


  • Is there all exits marked are clear and clear to use?
  • Are there all workplaces / work areas are properly clean and in order?
  • Whether all walkways / gangways are properly cleaned? And it there any spilled liquid is identified or observed?
  • Is everyone aware of the fire safety plan and fire exit routes?
  • Whether all equipment clean and properly maintained?
  • Are restrooms / wash rooms are cleaned and sanitary?
  • Have any accidents been reported in previous week / half monthly?
  • Are there all emergency stop buttons are easily accessible for obvious?
  • Work area properly illuminated? And ventilated?
  • On each machinery / equipment is properly guarded? Specially on rotating parts?
  • Are all chemicals containers are marked with their contents? And manage properly?
  • Is there flammable materials identified and stored accordingly? And marked as flammable materials?


The documentation for the safety rounds are recorded during workplaces visits and all the collected information are submitted to safety manager, safety manager is identified further safety requirements on base of the documentation or observations are conducted during visits. The records of the documents are helps to determine actions plan for the improvement of the safety rounds and internal safety of workplaces.



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Safety rounds checklist




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