Sample Entry Register Format for Laboratory format

Sample Entry Register Format for Laboratory Format

 Sample Entry Register Format for Laboratory

As requirements of international standards that are for internal / external communications should be maintained, recorded and controlled by the management representative to maintain internal system, ISO 17025 standards is for laboratory, as per ISO 17025 – technical requirements, internal / external communication requirements should be fulfilled.

As requirements of external communication, sample entry register format is a part of external communication that should be need to maintain accurately, this format is also important for all the incoming samples are records in this register as same out going test / result achieved samples and its records are also mentioned in sample entry register/

Sample entry register format through Laboratory people can track the sample’s testing is done or not can easier for visualize and same because of this is register of sample entry also find the certificate no against analysis / calibration or required process that requested by customer is done or not, result are sent to customer? And same will be sample is rejected / acceptable or what is happen after enter the sample can possible to tracking through this register.

See picture above, is image – sample entry register format having some fields’ descriptions:

When laboratory received the sample, sample received data should be mentioned same, each sample need to provides separate register code as same code will go along with each sample until all the required process are not done, after process complete off course its should be mentioned in sample entry register at cycle will be complete, this code will help to tracking in process.

Sample identification / Name is field of the product name like sample pieces comes for chemical and mechanical testing that is stainless steel tubes are need to mentioned in register as name of “Stainless Steel Tubes, SA -304 L tube’s 01 Meter long” all the required details are shows in name to identify the material name, material grade, brief description of the sample size help to understand sample is follows which standards and same which method need to used for the sample testing.

There is also fields that indicate request for testing / analysis, almost customers are gives the details for the testing are required on samples but method of testing are depends on the samples are received from customers, but customer are request are consider as primary requirements, very first show what the customer requested for analysis, some time customer request for chemical composition testing and analysis only that all the testing is only for done as same.

TAT stand for Turnaround time.

In sample Entry register format, TAT is unique requirements for laboratory; TAT is defined by laboratory internal use, use mean is an analysis of the testing time are consider to improvement of internal accuracy, systems that gives a creditable subject for laboratory.

Others fields are almost simple to understand that is not a any complication to understand. You can download here ready made format for sample entry register format as below:

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Download Sample Entry Register Format for Laboratory in Excel Sheet

Sample Entry Register Format for Laboratory Sample / Example / Template

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