Internal Audit Checklist for Production Department

QMS : internal audit report General Questionnaire

Internal Audit Checklist for Production

Internal Audit Checklist for Production Department
Internal Audit Checklist for Process Audit / Product Manufacturing Audit


1Are Pickling process stages carried out as per predefined flowchart & control plan?
2Are related product parameters monitored & recorded?
3In case of non-conforming product (reprocess req.) are reaction plan & corrective action initiated as mentioned?
4Are reworked products re-inspected as per relevant stage criteria are records maintained?
5Are all types of defects observed, covered in process FMEA?Are S, O, D ratings done correctly?In case of higher RPN No. are improvement actions initiated?


6Is Product identification / traceability maintained in process?How?
7Is process validated?How?Are results satisfactory? Are process parameter mentioned in control plan, in line with validation results? 

Is periodic revalidation planned & conducted?


8Are process changes initiated to maintain continuing suitability?
9Are process parameter monitored as per limits mentioned in control plan? Are these recorded?Are these acceptable?
10Are process parameter monitoring devices calibrated periodically?Do these carry valid status?
11Is sufficient space & equipment available for material movement handling?
12Are necessary safety equipment provided to ensure personal safety? Are those used effectively?
13Are Pickling areas designed to ensure safety in working?
14Are processes remaining treated to ensure neutrality before disposal?
15Are both change/disposal records maintained?
16Is material consumption monitored with respect to production?Are trends consistent/ satisfactory?Are actions initiated to control material consumption?


17Are rework/ reprocess monitored?Are trends satisfactory?Are actions initiated to reduce rework/reprocess?


18Are visual aids available for visual inspection of surface?
19Are operators aware of work instructions? Are those followed?
20Are operators aware of consequence to customer of products non-conformities?How these are defined?

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