Tender Record book format

Tender Record book format

Tender Record book format

Tendering system is unique system which suppliers are bids their quote in hidden form, on the fix date all the quotations are open in all concern peoples presence, which quotation given lowest rates are win the order. This system is really great for the customer who gives a open tendering system to all suppliers for the material requirements.


As you can see the above picture is for supplier and we talking about quotes are given to customers against tenders are records in tendering records book or tender record register. Tenders are open after big days distance that need to take a care of the each tender open date for the communicate with customers, in case of the tender with by supplier that immediately affect gives to further actions, this is the reason that each tender given by customers should be recorded in format that is tender record book.


Download tender record book for your company requirements, you can edit, remove, add fields are your requirements in excel sheet format.


Download Tender Record book in excel sheet format

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