How to improve positive working environment in organization

How to improve positive working environment in organization: Working environment and accommodation

Working environment and accommodation procedure provide guidelines for utilization of workplaces & manage internal working environment.

Introduction to working environment and accommodation

Preparation & deployment of this procedure is help to proper utilization of workplace. It including of each location, areas, and production lines that manage through proper spacing in workplace. To utilization & comfort working environment for all peoples working in workplaces. To maintain and improvement of working environment in workplaces needs to proper guidelines, instructions and procedures. That here given some procedures to help focus on working environment and accommodation improvement in workplace.

The purpose of this article based procedure is to providing guidelines for proper utilization of workplace’s spaces, office spaces and production lines’ space etc. In the organization and manage internal environment through manage appropriately clean areas. So that to facilitate desired performance of appropriate locations.

Managing Internal System & working environment 

There are two parts of the process or a guideline that needs to manage in internal management system is:

  • Processes are sustaining to maximum utilization of workplaces.
  • Managing accommodation to improvement of proper system & sustain.

The procedures are managed for instructing peoples working in workplaces to makes its regular processes sustain to maximum utilization of workplaces’ areas, locations and resources. Generally department mangers are prime responsible for executing procedures and follow up to maintain it. Hence implementation is improvement of each activities and all concern peoples shall be made responsible to maintain information. All database with respect to sustain fair housekeeping & required safety precautions & environmental requirements.

Quality manager role in internal system

The quality manager is responsible for revising concern procedure, guideline and instructions to managing internal management system. Which affecting directly to productivity, product quality, safety and environment. The working environment & accommodation process is conducted & can apply in all places of workplaces. The maintaining a cleaning, housekeeping, identification of environmental issues and solutions, safe working atmosphere within organization. The management team should have committed for compliance of requirements, providing resources, guidelines and instructive to each person working in organization.

Workplace Space Adjustment / Accommodation

The workplaces premises should well planned & managed at each location should be allocated proper working space. Each activities should be managed for individual separate and well protected enclosure. Process wise managed to easier for peoples are working at workplaces that improve its efficiency in organization. The facilities should be well organized, each process managed and its required space, roaming spaces, working marked space etc. It should defined to comfort for each employee, and activities of the workplaces is allocated separate listing of each area requirements.

The management team is done this job for allocation of each process, areas, locations and requirements. Collection of data from various department by visiting, observations, audits and feedback. Feedback from employees are considering for allocation space, and most important that each tooling & spares materials. Raw materials are also considered for separate managed space to moving and handling it. The team is conducting analysis and allocate separate space. Hence concern peoples are responsible for maintain, housekeeping & timely maintenance of its areas. The allocation of spaces, maintaining space of each locations and areas are defined for time management, housekeeping and improvement of individual efficiency.

Hazardous materials accommodation

In working environment & accommodation procedures / process of system needs to special requirements that maintaining internal management system. To comply requirements of environmental, health & safety concern that needs to manage each hazardous materials away from workplaces. The environment heath and safety system is recommend to manage chemicals and other materials are considered under hazardous materials. Identified risk level on above acceptable level to facilitate needs to manage separately. The chemical & other materials which are needs to use frequently in the manufacturing concern requirements should be managed as critical materials. To specific tasks that managed and its procedures are maintained, deployed in the system.

The administration team is maintained and allocates space in the organization to easier for monitoring, verification of the materials for safety point of views and handling and storage accordingly. The management should also need to special instruction for particular materials. Those are considered as hazardous are managed separate facility as well as try to use substitute materials which having low rating risks.

Internal Transportation

Internal materials moving and handling, storage & managing each materials is the part of accommodation. When the materials should be needed to proper storage and managing to enhancement of space requirements, storage requirements and movement concern organize materials. The management is responsible for the managing & organizes and arrangement of all facilities shall be in such way to manage minimum movement. Movement of human resources, materials & resources used in manufacturing & supporting activities. The purpose of the managing internal transportation system to ensure that optimum turn around time. Internal transportation system should be needs to minimize by some extra effort by management to deployment. Allocation of storage units, ways that used transport should have managed as to not disturb any other processes or tasks. Same processes should be manage as separate locations that transportation not disturb in any case.

Other accommodation requirements

Vibrating Equipment

To improvement or maintaining working environment in workplaces needs some basic requirements. That hurt the system & disturb employee working around the machinery, equipment & the machine having big noise or vibrating. The biggest requirements with generators, machinery that considered in heavy duties are needs to manage and allocate special treatment. Separate room for avoid disturbance to others, like machine vibration, all working platforms should vibrate free and the equipment, machine are sensitive that should be kept without any undesirable impact due to vibration like balances and other measurement instruments.


The generator types equipment should be well enclosed by recommended materials to avoid any extra noise out side of room. Measurement or any sensitive equipment, instrument and devices should be managing separately in the room with better working environment. To manage and judge proper allocation to those equipment. The management should be prepared & deployed proper guidelines for each equipment, machinery, storage rooms and chambers that allocated, and also needs to displayed whole organization layout plan to easier for tracking and managing equipment, machinery for concern peoples.

Working environment & health, Safety requirements

In the working environment, health & safety requirements are considered on priority as new concept of manufacturing units due to some government requirements, factory acts and international standards requirements. As well as manufacturing owners’ awareness about health & safety of employee working in organization. The system for the improvement in working environment needs to manage by equipped with necessary safety arrangements. Assignment of job responsibilities & authority to concern personnel to manage such tasks in workplaces for continual improvement in working environment.

The management is also responsible for providing safety appliances, monitoring & controls on such activities cause risk / hazards. The requirements of resources and appliances like first aid kids, Safety protective equipment – Goggles, masks, shields, footwear and hand glows etc. Specific challenges of safety requirements of equipment like fire extinguishers, eye washers and showers, Special Gas respirators etc. Are used and managed by management for safety requirements. For the maintaining safe working environment management also needs some special actions to controls over processes. That considered or identified as high risk are managed through controls measures like substitute process, engineering controls or elimination.

Identify hazardous waste like: Types of Wastes (examples by

  • Solid wastes
  • Liquid wastes
  • Gaseous wastes
  • Suspended particulate matter

Environmental Control

Its primary needs of an organization that it is environment must have maintained in such a way that its conductive to the working by the all peoples. And does not affect product quality, adversely or invalidates the same. Also does not affect the measurement, laboratory instrument’s accuracy. So the authority should ensure that maintenance of dust free, clean environment within organization by complying government environmental rules and regulations, applicable to scope of organization activities. it’s also responsibility of all peoples to get involved in this respect and conserve the environment by avoiding generation of as much waste as possible.


Work Environment & Housekeeping

Housekeeping is one of the most important fundamental in organization that needs to improvement of quality of works, requirements of internal management system that is health & safety. Present ability that manage highly adversely affects product quality, manpower, resources & overall productivity of the organization. For the better working environment without proper waste management is not possible. In the manufacturing & supporting processes’ activities are generating waste & scrape are needs to prompt attention for cleaning, handling, moving and proper storage at defined areas.

In the manufacturing units having some more challenges for housekeeping due to some chemicals, acid, oil and other hazardous materials are used that in liquid form cause spillage, contamination etc., are needs to immediate cleaning with proper guidelines to used, moving, handling and storage during any processes. The hazardous materials used and housekeeping should be well defined to manage working environment for peoples working in organization. The housekeeping process conducted by concern peoples, and department head is responsible for monitoring & verification of housekeeping processes frequently, hence records should be maintained & update by department head for further analysis.

Documentation & Verification

The documentation & verification process is maintained by concern authority. The documentation process is established by concern department supervisors or department head. Its verification process is handled by department head i.e. department manager or higher authority, its depends on document type, generally department head is responsible for verification of each documents and determine implementation, effectiveness verification & handling processes after analysis of any documentation verification.

The important part of documentation system is arrangement of documents audits & its implementation. The system should be fully audited periodically by qualified auditors. The documentation for audit is maintained, and update is managed as per deployed system. The document for working environment & accommodation improvement needs to proper document by concern authority to managed & verified. See picture below example for education purpose:

Accommodation sheet
Accommodation sheet

The documentation & verification are managed to implementation of the procedures of working environment & accommodation in organization. That is implemented carefully & its required monitoring process are managed regularly or as per frequency defined by management. The concern management team, department managers are responsible for implementation of established procedure of working environment & accommodation in organization. The documentation system maintaining, update, storage and its disposal are managed as per documentation system i.e. as per internal management system causes and requirements of standards.

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