Standard Working Procedures

Standard Working Procedures The purpose of Standard Working Procedures is to ensure that all unified processes in workplaces functioning are carried out systematically, controlled and continual improving. The purpose of Standard Working Procedures / Standard work procedure is to ensure that all interconnected / unified activities, manufacturing and supporting processes are in the various workplaces, … Read more

Supplier Production Quality Improvement

Supplier Production Quality Improvement   When the customers are purchasing material from supplier frequently, mean regular transitions are made between suppliers and customers that customers are actively prepare improvement plan of product which is purchasing from supplier to improvement its application where material is used. This application improvement help to its customers end application quality … Read more

Design Verification Plan

Design Verification Plan   Design Verification number – unique number that in sequence of the design verification plan number of previously given. Date of verification of design and its plan Level of verification – Design verification plan is maintained in various level, there are mostly system design verification plan, deep verification that all the concern … Read more

Quality Action Plan

Quality Action Plan   All the games in industry to win the full customer satisfactions and customer satisfaction depend on quality of product, price and services. But on prime level is quality of product, if the quality is weak than all the remains will be on second priority but in case that customer satisfaction level … Read more

Sample Testing Report

Sample Testing Report   Testing Report No & Date Sample No Sample size – Single size for sample testing purpose, testing of the sample size is and approvals are acceptable for trailed sample size only, for the other size of the products is need to new sample testing as per standard requirements of testing. Sample … Read more

Material Control form

Material Control form   It is very necessary to monitoring on the stock of the materials to controlling on the incoming material and inventory that cost effective planning help to monitoring and controlling on activities / movement of the materials that controlled through measurable controlling parameters and its requirements.   Material control form is help … Read more

Quality nonconformity report

Quality nonconformity report   An organization follow quality management system like ISO 9001, TS 16949 or any other ISO series that motive of maintain quality system in organization, quality management system’s basic requirements are continual improvement, for the continual improvement to maintain quality system that required monitoring and controls on the basic processes and its … Read more

Qualification criteria verification record sheet

Qualification criteria verification record sheet   Manufacturing units are always need to care of the processes and its concern activities should be mistake proof, qualified and verified to ensure product quality will be comply requirements of application. Customers are expecting from supplier are processing the material to considering its requirements, mostly some customer specific requirements … Read more

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management 1. Management policy  What is Management policy?   “Policy that the specification of control on procedures of process to applied on activities to manage objective inline.”  Management policy leads all the process / operations’ activities to tracking, monitoring and controls on management and processes’ objectives, creating and maintain management policy is one … Read more

Product deviation report

Product deviation report   Product here mean product and services that customers are dissatisfied due to product or service not comply customer’s application requirement cause customers are complain for the product non conformity, those requirements and deviation notes are customer raised against supplier. Product or services non conformity, requirements of application not fulfillment report send … Read more