Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

1. Management policy

 What is Management policy?


“Policy that the specification of control on procedures of process to applied on activities to manage objective inline.” 

Management policy leads all the process / operations’ activities to tracking, monitoring and controls on management and processes’ objectives, creating and maintain management policy is one of the finest goal that variation and deviation of process and its parameters can be possible to eliminate.

Process safety management point of view, management must involve safety in the management policy for providing target on process safety and its activities. Management policy prepared and communicated that all process activities for the internal investigation on safety breaking elements and conditions.

2. Emergency Plan

What is Emergency Plan?

An Emergency is a situation, which may cause large scale destruction of environment, life and assets, such an unexpected situation may be much difficult to controlling by normally force, for in advance some plans are prepared to preventive deploy control points & preparation for possible emergency that planning is emergency plan.


  • How to implement emergency plan for process

  • Written instructions notes of emergency plan

  • Designed emergency evacuation plan

  • Facility emergency control center establish in a safe zone at the facility

  • Training and awareness of top to bottom level concentrate on bottom level workmen or start from

  • Signboard / Instruction / Precautions boards

  • Etc..

Training for the Awareness is very important for anyhow situation to possible emergency can raised awareness of the activities help to eliminate it.


  1. Chemical used in the process and their maximum inventory should listed, chemical storage area must optimum quality mentioned.

  2. Material data Safety sheet [MSDS] readily available on all chemicals / powers / liquid material used in process.

  3. Information documented, Diagrams and original equipment manuals collected on process equipment and intermediates.

  4. Development of program and its implementation, involvement of employees and management consultation is necessary.

  5. Identification of hazardous chemicals, activities and assessment best practices of operators are required to elimination hazards / aspect from processes.

  6.  Analysis team understands methodology to be used in the process hazard analysis adapted to the facility

  7. Mechanical / electrical personnel trained for awareness of hazards and aspects in internal processes, guideline for maintenance people is necessary to safe environment. Work permit system is best example for it.


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