Employee History Card

Employee History Card  / Personal history card

  Employee history Card

Tracking of the each employee are not possible in single sheet that gives a details of the all employees of the organization, its very thought for human resource department for evaluate complacency requirements & tracking training records of each employee the best solution is history card for the individual Employee history card / Personal history Card can gives a full records of each employee, its all like a ledger of the each employee.

Training records in Employee history card are mostly involved following details:

  1. Name of Employee
  2. department
  3. Date of join
  4. Date of birth
  5. Education & qualification
  6. Professional qualification
  7. work experience before the join job

Details of the Employee, Training details:

  1. Sr. No
  2. Date
  3. Training Program details
  4. Name of faculty / institute
  5. Venue
  6. Duration of the training
  7. total training hours

For the more information & ready made format, download the Employee history sheet as below links:


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