Health and Safety general checklist points

Health & Safety general  checklist points

Environment Health and Safety general Checklist points

  1. Drinkable water readily accessible at reasonable distance without unreasonable restrictions on access?

  2. Clean and sanitary toilet facilities readily accessible at a reasonable distance without unreasonable restrictions on access?

  3. Ventilation, lighting, temperature, cleanliness in workplace and dormitories?

  4. General housekeeping in workplace is satisfactory? Area should be clean without dust on machines, corners etc…

  5. Employees working with hazardous substances undergo appropriate, regular and recorded health check up and its monitoring?

  6. Accident, illness, absentee and emergency data

  7. Commensurate with industry/locality?

  8. Corrective and preventive measures adequate?

  9. General Health and safety and emergency training on recruitment?


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