Life safety system in organization

Life safety system in organization


Life safety system establishment required ensuring the life safety of organization’s employee & visitors utilize its facility at various workplaces of organization.


Life safety system is management system part that establishment needs to managing safety in organization to deployment of procedures, guidelines, instructions and other media to ensure the life safety of all employee, visitors or temporary workmen are engaged with various processes, entering in facilities at various locations and workplaces for individual interests of organization concern works. Life safety system is provides facilities and guidelines to employees to support all actions to ensure the safety of employees by managing appropriate actions by handle safety requirements, precautions for safety. Life safety system is covered all the organization parts that managed according to management implementation of workplaces, training and enhancement of resources in organization. The management team is discussing about the scope of life safety, but generally the scope of life safety system is should not limited, hence the applicability of life safety system should be implement all the work areas and supporting processes are needs to covered and same the implementation needs at various processes, locations or workplaces.


The life safety fundamentals should be applicable to all departments, locations, areas and workplaces and all applicable regulations, laws and requirements of government’s acts as per life safety concern requirements, and also maintain general requirements like insurance & concern guidelines, safety requirements and its programs are managed & implement in organization. The life safety system should be properly implemented in organization, the management should be allocated proper resources and provisions for safety to each employee at the facility, and also to managed requirements of equipment to fight against fire emergency, signboards, lighting facility etc for emergency incidents. The organization should be managed proper plan for to draft of emergency situation, evacuation planning, mapping of each locations and areas with where safety equipment is installed should be cleared indicated at appropriate places and each employee should be aware about those locations in organization. For the emergency situation organization should be displayed emergency route map and emergency exit door and ways, lighting & other emergency equipment are deployed with proper training provided to emergency fighting team, same the mock drill for each possible emergency are conducted in organization and implemented accordingly. See the documents are used to managing safety system in organization:


Life safety documentation
Life safety documentation


Documents Requirements of inspection of life safety requirement to ensure life safety system properly works in organization as well as procedures, guidelines, instruments, signboards etc., are properly managed and peoples are follows strictly, the important part of inspection is to verification of each department for personal protective equipment are deployed as well peoples are use in regular tasks, see blow the list of documents required to manage life safety in organization:


Training Documents is important part of any standards system, peoples should well have educated for any procedures that handled in manufacturing / supporting process activities that organization should manage training as annual planning, half yearly or making the calendar for verification & inspection of each tasks that needs training to each employee at appropriate designation. The general documents for training are training attendance & its proper evaluation documents, Individual training / on job training, training needs identification, annual training and budget of training hours are general documents for training concern, hence the safety requirements some specific training required like evaluation planning and its education, fire extinguisher training, first aid box training etc.., are major and its training are needs as and when required and selected personnel with general awareness to all employee working in organization.


  • Safety training documentation
  • Daily safety walks sheet / Daily inspection checklist
  • Mock Drill report
  • Fire extinguisher register / inspection / monitoring checklist
  • Earth pit resistance test / record
  • Work permit – Electrical / Working on height etc.
  • Water Discharge reports
  • Personal protective equipment documents
  • Hazardous waste generation / identification and risk assessment documents
  • Accident / Incident and near miss reporting
  • Safety programs
  • Emergency evaluation plan / Mapping / sign board etc.,
  • Management Reviews on safety
  • Safety committee / cross function team management
  • Legal compliance documents concern safety
  • Internal / external audit documentation and compliance records
  • Safety meeting on various levels
  • First aid register / monitoring / audit
  • Crain / lifting parts / equipment inspection / documentation
  • Material handling / equipment records & inspection documentation
  • Hazardous materials identification like chemicals monitoring and documentation
  • Serious violation monitoring / documentation


Above mentioned all documents are general and minimum required to manage life safety in the organization, as requirements of organizational individual requirements, more documents can be adding in this list its all depends on working environment, product & management system.

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