Quality Assurance Checklist

A quality assurance checklist is a quality audit document to make sure that product and services are as per standards. Most of the companies are using this checklist for inspect technical aspects, quality documentation, product visual testing and assuring the entire quality of product.

Overview to quality assurance checklist

Now days, quality assurance and quality management system is essential for businesses. Mostly in quality team should be well aware and fluent in quality management system. Because these are key function for the quality systems, as well responsible for quality of product.

Normally, the quality assurance team may assure that the quality procedures, quality testing, and its functions are accurately works. It may be also part of the continuous improvement and enhancement of product reliability for the product in the market.

How to use this checklist?

Actually the checklist should be in standard format, which must be frequently reviews and update as on any technical, product, procedure or management change occur within the organization. This checklist may help to inspect the quality of the product, and identify the defects in the processes with simple steps.

Generally, checklist can be use at in-process activities and also can be use for inspection the finish product. When you are talking about the audit or inspection process, you have to understand the basic process sequence. This checklist may cover the sequence process for inspection the defects from the product. Here are the simple sequence for manufacturing product in a organization:

  1. Raw material
  2. Sampling
  3. In process Inspection
  4. Final Inspection
  5. Additional requirements

The five basic process that may cover the quality assurance practices. When you are performing with each stage of the process as describes as above, these will be help to reduce the probability of defects significantly. Even more, this will makes your inspection work more easier to identify the defects at initial stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality assurance checklist template

 Quality Assurance Checklist






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