Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

Quality Plan prepared by quality assurance department for the approval of customer to ensure the quality of  the product will be high as quality assurance plan, customer inspect the quality assurance plan as requirement of its end as application’s requirements. This quality assurance plan also reviewed & signed, stamped at end of the supplier plant after the view of the all concern documents and physical inspect of the product which QAP is prepared for, there are also possible to third party inspect the material, in same case third party inspection agency’s inspector also need to sign and stamp in QAP for the evident the all inspection concern documents are prepared, maintained as per materials quality assurance & verified for the same.

Mostly I experienced that customers are appoint the third party inspection agency for inspect the material, in case of the customer destinations & availability of inspectors at its end. Third party inspection agency are approved for inspect the materials as any international standards are material applications and products are followed.

Quality Assurance Plan – QAP format are available with sample data for download, there are few field’s description as below:

Description of field are indicating the step by step description the material planned, in the description all the necessary cycle step are mentioned in description, like first we take raw material for the planning after the issue the material will be move to another step like at any machine that details should be fill out in the description details and in line with the description all the further details that is all the required fields are need to fills.

Characteristics / type of inspection – in these steps are shows the types of inspection are required for the raw material (as description) like chemical analysis / physical inspection / visual inspections etc… All are motioned in characteristics / type of inspection field.

Quantum of inspection or Checking is the unique field that important and mandatory requirement due to all the required fields are depend on the activity are done here, it’s a sampling plan that depend on quantum of check system which one sample are take for the inspection and all the required test are depends on samples are taken, but in quantum of inspection – field show the on sample are taken as per lot / as per casting / as per customer order what ever you planned or what ever your customer are accepting for the sampling systems are approved.

Acceptance level of the samples or material planed for the Quality product that indicates the requirements minimum  or maximum criteria set up as per international standard or product are manufactured as per applications standards or the required standards are products are manufactured.


If the materials are hard metal that your product criteria should be focus on:

  1. Chemical Compositions
  2. Mechanical Properties

As the material is metal that, requirements of acceptance level should be minimum / maximum level of the chemical compositions as requirements of the applications, same as mechanical properties should be maintain of the product as per requirements of the applications. All both requirements levels must be available in the application’s standards and same will be available in standard like ASTM / ASME / API 5L etc… , acceptance level is depending of the product applications standards.

The next is Format of the records are the specific records that maintained for the product realization, all the necessary flow of the product details are motioned in the records that format are standardize as per company quality standards are available.  All the records should be formatted and controlled that format records are possible to link in internally records systems.

The mandatory requirements of the inspection in case of the product requirements, the material will be hold for the inspection as next level, if the customer’s representative / third party inspection agency’ s inspector or the customer approve for the in house inspection that till the approval from customer, material will be hold to not move the material in next steps.

In the last column show the requirements of the inspection criteria, inspection agency / customer will be inspect the material 100%, 10% of random sampling systems/ this field show the requirement level of the inspection by third party or customer’s inspector. For the details information you can download the Quality Assurance Plan with all details sample also filled out.

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Quality Control / Quality Assurance Format / template / Sample / Example 

Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) format in Excel sheet format / Word Document Format


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