Safety inspection checklist points for Maintenance

Safety inspection checklist points for Maintenance Department (Mechanical / Electrical Maintenance)

Safety inspection checklist points for Maintenance

  • Do electrical maintenance / mechanical maintenance peoples use proper use PPE – personal protective equipment like safety shoes, helmet, safety belts, and safety glows APPROPRIATE Hand gloves for Maintenance work?

  • Do maintenance peoples are used standard tools?

  • Does Maintenance peoples tested chain pulley blocks once in a year? Is there any evidence?

  • Are the working personnel taken Work permit for Working on Height or Hot work etc.?

  • Is work permit valid & approved? (if any)

  • Do Maintenance people use safety Belts on height? Safety belts are verified periodically?

  • Is lifting machine, chain, rope or lifting tackles examined once in a year? Evidence?

  • Is Periodic checking & Testing of Pressure Tanks Or Vessels is carried out with evidence by competent and authorized Agency?

  • Is record available for testing of Cranes?

  • Is there proper arrangement for disposal of solid waste, cotton waste, paint scrap, rubber scrap, fiber scrap contaminated or any kinds of scrap generated during maintenance activities?

  • Is record available for Inspection & Testing of pressurized vessels OR air receiver tanks used in factory?

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