Safety inspection checklist points for Quality

Safety inspection checklist points for Quality Control / Quality Assurance – Material Inspection Department


Safety inspection checklist points for Quality

  • Is there any material lying on floor in side or outside of gangway at Inspection area?

  • Do people wear appropriate PPE’s – Personal Protective Equipment like safety Shoes, Hand gloves etc.. During inspection?

  •  Is there any rotating equipment or any rotating things are without safety guard in machining area?

  • Is there any damage of Electrical appliances at inspection i.e. quality area?

  • Is there any loose wire or open connections at inspection area – quality department?

  • Is there any leakage of oil / grease or any chemicals, inspection supported chemicals / creams of any other unwanted coolant on floor?

  • Is there any rubbish like MS wire pieces, cotton, papers, empty bottles etc. on floor? Or corners of inspection area? Do people follow work instruction?

  • Is Hoist, fork life, over head cranes or Lifts Examined once in last 6 months? Evidence?

  • Are Empty containers of Chemicals used for various testing & Paint properly disposed off as per Work Instruction?

  • Are the Hazardous categories pens, sketches, Plastic Pens, Chemical marking pens are disposed off properly as per work instruction or M.S.D.S?

  • Testing Equipment are properly Earth pit, Checked by periodic calibrations and testing?


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