Safety inspection checklist for Safety Shower

Safety inspection checklist for Safety Shower

Safety inspection checklist for Safety Shower

  1. Is there all valves are operating properly, is there any value having trouble to open /close? All valves are colored? Free from corrosion?

  2. Is there all the values and pipelines are free from leakage? All pipelines are colored & free from corrosion?

  3. Eye shower and body shower is pressurized properly? Water is pressure is sufficient?

  4. Check there is shower’s bowl is neat & clean?

  5. Check the waste water from safety shower is properly going from pipelines to waste water treatment plant?

  6. All required sign boards are properly deployed?

  7. Is there a work instruction for the safety shower? Cleaning frequency and required holdings are deployed?

  8. Working around people are aware used of safety showers? Peoples are trained for safety showers?

  9. Periodic inspection of safety shower – Pressure, Water input pressure, outgoing water lines are checked? When last inspection is done? Is there any evidence?

  10. Eye shower & body shower’s directions should be proper to work at emergency time? Check the directions, positions

  11. Check around any loose or electrical wires not to pass or touch with safety shower?


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