Scope for Improvement

Scope for Improvement   Scope for Improvement – For manufacturing unit can focus on following areas:   MARKETING: Communication with Customers, Customer Satisfaction, Timely Delivery and sales after services   RAW MATERIAL | CONSUMABLE GOODS: Raw material Receiving, Incoming Raw material Inspection, handing, Storage and safety   EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY: Equipment / machinery / Instruments … Read more

Machine Repair Cost analysis

  Machine Repair Cost analysis   Machine Name Machine Number Location where machine is installed and operating Date of the trouble had started – Date required at problem noted. Trouble shooting or repairing date Material purchase for the repairing machine by technical advice Cost for transportation – Total amount paid for the material Repairing charges … Read more

Manufacturing Operation Record

Manufacturing Operation Record   Date & shift that manufacturing operation are happen at plant / unit. Material Identification number Material Description – Full details for the manufacturing operation information Finish material Requirements for the manufacturing operations Raw material Description, Details that used for the finish material requirements and manufacturing operations requirements. Input quantity of the … Read more

Product Quality Evaluation

Product Quality Evaluation   Revision number & Revision Date Product quality evaluation report number Customer Name & customer Description – All details of the customer’s address, contact numbers etc.. Product Purchasing details General terms are used for product purchasing Quality Presentation Evaluation – presentation of the product quality that can be measure & appearance perfect, … Read more

Equipment Identification for Calibration

Equipment Identification for Calibration   When the equipment performing the task in the manufacturing production line round o clock that equipment can possible to damage, rough working or any other defect cause, identification of equipment damage or trouble to possible supporting for the calibration are conducting through this report, this report called equipment identification for … Read more

Third party inspection record sheet

Third party inspection record sheet   To consider the requirements for product quality, that mostly quality assurance and quality control department are conducting inspection of the customer material as per schedules and requirements of the delivery schedules. But the some customers’ application and its critical raise the requirement of the customer inspection that customers are conducting inspection though … Read more

Grade Record sheet

Grade Record sheet   For any product having a specific components, grades and specification to identification of the base material of the product, vastly used for the material identification is the material grade, mostly companies are used for the internal communication as well external communication is the grade of the product hence the grade wise … Read more

Failure Analysis Report

Failure Analysis Report   Report No. & Report Date of Failure Analysis report Customer Name and Date of complain ( if applicable ) this details are required if the failure analysis are for rejected product, complained by customer to detailed information are needs to collect from customer, hence this details required if failure analysis concern … Read more

Equipment costing Report

Equipment costing Report   For the company all the machinery, equipment and manpower management, costing & effective use are very important to run the business smoothly, out of any source are go out from controls can be raise losses and crisis of the financial system, hence its very important to controlling all the resources by … Read more

Quotation comparison report

Quotation comparison report   In company’s process flow of incoming material, first end user department indent is pass to store department to inform the requirement of the material for the its internal process. On base of the indent store department is find out the material in stock, if the material is available with stock that … Read more