Vehicle Checklist form

Vehicle Checklist Form / Truck Checklist Form

Vehicle Checklist form

Vehicle Checklist form or truck, trailer checklist form is necessary as safety point of view, vehicles are used for the company works that requirements of the safety are prime concept not only for the company that is also concern to vehicle driver, reason that small mistakes can damage the human body or vehicle part as result fetal injury and financial losses.

For the vehicle checklist form having following required points are included in this form, in case of the trucks are kitted with Natural gases that need to incorporate more question. In short its all are on base of the vehicle requirements, read below points are generally used for the vehicle checklist form:

  1. Review Vehicle Condition Report
  2. Check for Repair Notices.
  3. Engine: Oil and coolant level, Check Nut bolts, hose pipes, Power steering fluid level
  4. Check the Batteries Condition, Recent inspection notes and check as security point of view condition.
  5. Check Brakes, Air Pressure  & Warning Signals, Service brakes and parking brakes, drain air reservoirs
  6. Steering Check for excessive play, binding and noise, check all mechanical components
  7. Check driver cabin ate having mobile and portable radio operations, Cleaning, Mirrors & glass, Seal belts, all switches, gauges and wipers.
  8. Check all the lighting Including Emergency warning lights
  9. Check tires and Wheels for Damage tread depth and under inflation, lug notes, wheel inspection.
  10. Check transmission for Leaks, ease of operation.
  11. Check clutch for Excessive travel, smooth operations
  12. Check body and compartments – doors and latches, lubricate latches and hinges, grease fittings.
  13. Check Tools and equipment, is all are at proper location and stocked, is there power tools, batteries and chargers re working conditions, proper fit.
  14. Is there safety equipment – Fire Extinguisher, reflective markers are at place?, all the safety equipment are ready for work at emergency situation?

Here we provided ready made format in excel sheet that help to your organization for the individual company used, this is help as safety point of view to your company and save the driver’s personal injury if the regularly maintain the safety precautions.

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