Ambulance inspection checklist

Ambulance inspection checklist

Ambulance inspection checklist

An organizations are aware & being start care of environment, human health & safety and same way they expecting to systemic manor are peoples strictly follow through international standards like ISO 1400 / OHSAS – Environment health & safety gives the well structured guideline direction to implement for step that save the environment and also all the concern people who are working within the company premises, organization takes the care for the health & safety during working in operations.

During the various operations can possible that there are suddenly incident / accident happen, for the quick treatment there are also arrange First aid box and ambulance service for the further treatment, but incident / accidents are being rear if the standard systems are installed in organization, so during the time ambulance’s checking is much important when requirements raised. Ambulance inspection is taken by qualified person that having a knowledge of vehicles and its functions with also well aware of medicines.

For the ambulance inspection, there are some simple points are here mentioned to start the internal checking of ambulance at your end, find below points are generally merged in checklist:

  1. Check the driving license is available with driver?
  2. Check the Driver fitness certificate is available? Timely check reports are available?
  3. Ambulance clutch & breaks is properly works?
  4. Check is there head lights is properly works?
  5. Check ambulance headlight and tail light is properly working?
  6. All horns are properly sound?
  7. Is there fire extinguisher is available with ambulance? Fire extinguisher is refilled? Green colors indicate on it?
  8. Ambulance having a first aid box? And all required medicines are available? Stricture is available?
  9. Check the tire air is proper pressurized?
  10. Check on the vehicle on Rear side “AMBULANCE” & Front side clearly readable in mirror – Word’s dull color, any word is scratched not acceptable.

Generally above points are need to check to avoid any such further trouble at the movement of emergency, vehicle must fit at any time to run for the save life of human or treatment to avoid more damage. Here ready made format for ambulance inspection checklist is available, after downloading it should be possible to edit, remove, and add points as your company requirements:


Download ambulance inspection checklist format in word Document

Ambulance safety inspection checklist in Word document / Excel Sheet / PDF format / JPEG / PNG formats

Ambulance inspection checklist for safety purpose examples download

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