Identification of Hazardous area

Identification of Hazardous area

identification of hazardous area zones

Hazardous situation could be malfunction of equipment, unmanaged plan operations or non controlled plan operations, it’s all need to be identify & controlling to avoid emergency situation.

Hazardous materials can be in any form that needs to identify within company premises, identified hazard should be controlled by defined control measures.  As generally following types of hazards are mostly found at plan as below:

1. Explosion: In the organization explosions possibilities are generally identified at

– Transformers

– Gas cylinders

– Oil storage

– LPG lines

Due to high pressures, malfunctioning of the some lines and vales that can be cause explosions in it, there also possibility of the high temperatures at storage areas of above materials.

2. Fire: Fire is biggest issues in organizations, most accident / incidents are common in companies due to fire emergency and in same way company are aware of identifications of fire hazardous area and material that accidents /incidents can be reduce or eliminate. Generally following conditions and areas as are found for the fire accidents:

– Electrical panels

– Papers & Plastic Storage material

– Oil / Liquid petroleum Storage

– Waste Storage

– Gas Cylinders

– Wooden boxes / Waste wooden boxes storage area

– GAS pipe lines

With above areas are high flammables considered due to it’s all are high flammable material and categories higher than others material due to fire possibilities.

3. Leakage of gases: it is not acceptable but it can be rarely possibilities of the leakages of gases can be cause major accident, there are also fire possibilities and due to inhalation human body can damage as result fetal harm on humans. These kinds of hazards are happen due to corrosion on pipelines, storage areas and due to faulty values and regulators, joints in pipe lines are also create dangers situation.

4. Fall down: This emergency cause during the material handling through over head crane, there are possibilities of crane or material fall down. Or storage tanks that on up side to land that can be possible to fall down. These kinds of accident are happened due to foundations. But with fall down emergency are generally rarely happen if the control measures are defined and activated with organization.

All above are major hazards that cause major accidents and loss of fetal human injury or big financial loss, to avoid such kinds of accident need to identify those hazards and properly controls on it. Work instructions, boards & sign holdings, specific operating procedures, training are most important for the eliminate accidents to control the hazards in organization.

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