Cleanliness in workplace – hygiene and systematic cleaning in workplace

“Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness.”

“We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city.”

By Mahatma Gandhi.

A cleanliness checklist is document use to ensure the hygiene & cleaning process is perform systematically and all areas within workplace is clean.

Introduction to cleanliness in workplace

The procedure for the cleanliness at the various places of workplaces are managed for implementation of systematic and organized processes. To handle, storage and disposal of all the things used at appropriate locations. The process is helps to establish and implement of system to maintain hygiene to all the employee. Employee working at the various workplaces. The process cleanliness is conducted by human resources department.

Human Resources department is responsible for implementation of the procedure at all the places of organization. Each employee is responsible for the maintaining and follow the procedure to maintain hygiene and standard system. The human resources department head is prepared the procedures for cleanliness for each department and locations as internal requirements.

Implementation of cleanliness procedure

The implementation of the cleanliness procedure in various workplaces needs to establish proper policy, documentation. Processes and guidelines as well sign board, awareness training and monitoring on the activities of each employee on regular tasks. To effective implementation and sustain the hygiene requirements in the workplaces.

Normally human resources department head can prepare the checklist and related documents. Department head is also monitor and conduct the inspection process for the ensure cleaning activities. The inspection requirements & implementation of the procedure will be deploy by H.R. manager.

Generally, H.R. Manager is looking after the each audit requirements and their compliance. The compliance for cleanliness process may includes training for each auditors, documentations, checklist practices, and verification of areas.

See Example below, explaining how the regular tasks are conducts within the organization:


Cleanliness checklist

This simple cleanliness checklist can be use for manage records of each cleaning & hygience activites perform in the workplace. Normally, the checklist may regular update once the daily or weekly inspection process is finish. Inspetion team can review these records with individual department head for further improvement.

Generally, checklist can be use at the areas or locations, where cleanliness scope already define in system. Obviously, this is human resources department’s responsibility to take care of cleaning process for the departments, and related documentations.


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Cleanliness checklist



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