Customer feedback questionnaire

Customer feedback questionnaire

Customer feedback questionnaire
Customer feedback questionnaire

Customer feedback form are sending supplier to customer for evaluation for business exercises are on track or not, customers are satisfied with the services or on which services or product having a suffering, its all comes in return with customer feedback questionnaire form are important for supplier. Find below some general questions are possible to ask to customer for deal great of future command:


Name of Customer:


Note: Customer Name & Address must feel before sent the customer feedback form, its gives a possible impression on customers.

Products buying from us:

General Questionnaires:


1. Lead time assessment

 OK
 Long
 Very long

2. Timely delivery assessment

 Just on time
 Delay occasionally
 Delay very often
 Serious delay, already effect project schedule

3. Product packing assessment

 Proper & normalized packing
 General packing
 Rough packing
 Defective packing

4. Delivery completeness assessment

 Complete delivery, no parts missing
 Missing parts occasionally
 Always missing parts
 Wrong parts delivered

5. Logistics assessment

 Logistic accuracy and punctual
 Delay occasionally
 Bad logistic, found packing broken or damaged

6. Product technicality

 Advanced technique
 General technique
 Low technology

7. Product design assessment

 Proper and scientific design
 General design
 Failure design, found installation trouble

8. Presentation quality assessment

 Perfect appearance
 General appearance, not competitive
 Not good appearance

9. Installation quality assessment

 Proper and easy to install
 Complex installation
 Difficulty to install

10. Operational reliability assessment

 Reliable running and long life period
 Failure occasionally
 Failure always and affect productivity

11. Overall performance assessment

 Advanced technique, high cost benefit, take advantage in competition
 General technique, no advantage in competition
 Low technique, low cost benefit, get disadvantage in competition

12. Service quality assessment

 Timely and quick service with good attitude
 Normal service
 Slack service with bad attitude

13. Quality and Completeness of Documentation

 Perfect
 Good. Improvements needed
 Not good


Kindly Write the your complains / Suggestions to us, your comments are valued for us.








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