Customer related process

Customer related process manage specific requirements as per product standards & technical requirements of customers.


Customer related process is managing the customer requirements, processes that produce the materials as specification requirements as per product standards, technical requirements of end application of customer. The procedure is help to determine of requirements to the product that require by customer.

The process is maintaining the customer related processes that organization should determine specific requirements request by the customer. The process should manage raw materials to packaging and shipping concern requirements and after the sales are also can include. It also should manage and determine any requirements to ensure the product shipping with acceptable condition.

General Preparations

To include protective, labels and other documentation requirements. The documentation for the customer relates process is maintain accordingly. The documentation and its audit is conduct as per internal management system and international standard system requirements.

The quality manager is verify the records and manage the internal quality audit to select qualify auditor for conducting customer related process to ensure the processes are establish and maintain properly.  The documentation and its concern procedures are verify by qualify auditors. See picture below given as example format of customer related process audit checklist for education purpose:


Customer related process audit checklist
Customer related process audit checklist


Audit checklist

Customer related process audit checklist format is use to recording audit activities as observe during audit process. The qualify auditors are conducting audits and managing records as observation, interaction with internal peoples and visual observation during audit process.

The process audit and its documentation are use to recording and communication.  For the improvement that after audit the improvement and corrective actions, compliance processes are needs the base documents. Hence the customer related process audit checklist is provides the easier format that use to managing records and verification. In the checklist for the audit as standard system, some general points are needs to verify. See below points:

What is to include in customer related audit checklist?

  • Customer specific requirements are properly understand as per customer order, quality plans, technical requirements are verify?
  • Area there all the customer requirements are discuss & communicate with all concern personnel?
  • Each the sample is attach or document concern technical requirements with job order.
  • Is there quality inspection that is raw material inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection is complete as standards requirements?
  • The customer update once the delivery concern information, and the materials are timely deliver?


The documentation for the customer related process is manage as standard documentation system. Its all the activities, standard requirements are consider during the audit. To ensure all the processes are manage accurately and maintain in regular tasks. The documents are maintain & storage as per documentation system.



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Customer related process audit checklist



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