Design information Checklist Points : APQP

Design information Checklist Points : APQP

Design information Checklist Points : APQP

A. General

Does the design require:

  1. New materials?
  2. Special tooling?
  3. Has assembly build variation analysis been considered?
  4. Has Design of Experiments been considered?
  5. Is there a plan for prototypes in place?
  6. Has a DFMEA been completed?
  7. Has a DFMA been completed?
  8. Have service and maintenance issues been considered?
  9. Has the Design Verification Plan been considered?
  10. If yes, was it completed by a cross functional team?
  11. Are all specified tests, methods, equipment and acceptance criteria clearly defined and understood?
  12. Have Special Characteristics been selected?
  13. Is bill of material complete?
  14. Are Special Characteristics properly documented?

B. Engineering Drawings

  1. 15 Have dimensions that affect fit, function and durability been identified?
  2. 16 Are reference dimensions identified to minimize inspection layout time?
  3. 17 Are sufficient control points and datum surfaces identified to design functional gages?
  4. 18 Are tolerances compatible with accepted manufacturing standards?
  5. 19 Are there any requirements specified that cannot be evaluated using known inspection techniques?

C. Engineering Performance Specifications

  1. Have all special characteristics been identified?
  2. Is test loading sufficient to provide all conditions, i.e., production validation and end use?
  3. Have parts manufactured at minimum and maximum specifications been tested?
  4. Can additional samples be tested when a reaction plan requires it, and still conduct regularly scheduled in-process tests?
  5. Will all product testing be done in-house?
  6. If not, is it done by an approved subcontractor?
  7. Is the specified test sampling size and / or frequency feasible?
  8. If required, has customer approval been obtained for test equipment?

D. Material Specification

  1. Are special material characteristics identified?
  2. Are specified materials, heat treat and surface treatments compatible with the durability requirements in the identified environment?
  3. Are the intended material suppliers on the customer approved list?
  4. Will material suppliers be required to provide certification with each shipment?
  5. Have material characteristics requiring inspection been identified? If so,
  6. Will characteristics be checked in-house?
  7. Is test equipment available?
  8. Will training be required to assure accurate test results?
  9. Will outside laboratories be used?
  10. Are all laboratories used accredited (if required)?

Have the following material requirements been considered:

  1. Handling?
  2. Storage?
  3. Environmental?

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