Food packing inspection

Food packing inspection


Food packing is very important for the self life of foods and human health concern, it should need to care in packing, packing should be covered all the requirements that avoid health issues. Food packing needs frequently inspection, audit and checking to maintain acceptance criteria to safety point of view, some inspection points are given below:


  1. Whether packing area / location / room is cleaned? Is there environment are sufficient for the packing and its protection?

  2. Whether packing room is daily cleaned by germs & other bacterial which harm the food quality that point of view cleaning is done? If yes from which cleaner are used for it? That cleaner used is acceptable for the cleaning which food is going to be packed? 

  3. Whether the packing material are food grade checked? Like a food grade certificates of poly film? Food grade certification for printing ink? food grade certificates for vapor?

  4. Whether packing material are stored away from the room’s walls & away from any material?

  5. Is there packing persons are used gloves? Mask? Cap? ( Special cap for food safety)

  6. Whether coding of the packing material like batch number, manufacturing date, expiry dates etc.. Are properly printed on it?

  7. Whether packing area is free from leakage of product? Is there any micro hole at wall? Floor? Or any corner?

  8. Is there on packing materials’ instructions for the stores are printed for end users?

  9. Ingredients and its percentages are used in food that packed is available for public ally prints on material?

Food Safety Inspection Checklist Points


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