Foreign matter inspection process for food products

Foreign matter inspection process for food products is conduct to ensure the food product is free from foreign matters & conduct all concern activities to prevent mixing foreign matter.

Introduction to inspection process

In the food manufacturing units, food safety is prime requirement that whole the business is depends on the food safety management. Because the market values and product sales are depends on the food quality and contents that use for food products. Hence the management team are well aware the food safety during the manufacturing, handling, packaging. For specially at the storage areas as well as raw materials that food ingredients used in the food products are also verify.

Inspection process at storage area

Storage and needs to handle properly to ensure the food product quality comply the requirements of international standards. As well government requirements to considering peoples heath and safety. The food manufacturing and its management team is define the manuals, procedures and its guidelines to improvement of food safety. Most important part of the requirement to take actions and precaution for the food / raw materials that is food ingredients storage. It  should be properly establish and maintain, hence the during the manufacturing, handling, moving, loading and packaging processes that also needs to verify.

The process should be fully verify and implement to ensure the foreign matters in food product are not mix. Its quality maintain as per food product. For the establishment and maintain proper sustainable system in the food product manufacturing industry. Needs to conduct the frequently inspection and auditing the areas, locations, machinery, equipment, resource. All concern processes to ensure the established system, safety requirements are comply and maintain as requirements.

In-process inspection

Foreign matter in food product inspection process is important part of food safety system. That all the require processes are conduct and audit during the inspection process. The establishment of foreign matter in food product inspection process. Its concern procedures, guidelines and instructions are deploy by quality manager and responsible for selection of quality inspectors.

The quality manager is also responsible for monitoring, controls, reviews of documentation. Follow up of non-conformity identify and approvals processes are monitor. These will be manage to ensure the food product quality. In the food product in case any foreign matter is identify during inspection that the non-conformity consider as very serious.

Whole the system is needs to verify to identify source causes of the mistakes, concern department manager is responsible for the monitoring. As well assurance of the product should not mix with other foreign matters. it may particles hence the subject is consider very seriously.

All the processes verification, required resources, modification of constructions etc, are needs to verify as well improve in that case. The quality inspection team is prepare standard documents for verification and inspecting the areas, process, resources and concern activities as per scope. During the inspection / audit process in case any foreign matter is identify that the inspection team is recording information in report.

Foreign matter report

The report prepare and submit to concern department manager as well as food safety inspectors and management representative for further action to improvement and compliance. The report which is manage is foreign matter report. See picture below given as example format education purpose:


Foreign matter report
Foreign matter report


Foreign matter report format is prepare by quality inspection team. Actually the standard format are use to recording the inspection details. The report is managed and pre-defined information and sustained for regular use. The information are used in the foreign matter inspection details are manage accordingly.

On completion of all the information require to raise foreign matter report. In food product are submit to concern authorities for compliance. Corrective actions and preventive actions for eliminate or minimize possibility of mixing foreign matter in food product to ensure food safety. The documentation are managed, storage and disposal is conducted as per documentation system.



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Foreign matter report



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