induction training program

Induction training program

What is purpose of induction training?

Induction training is given to new join employees during induction period to assistance a new employee quickly aware with the staff, their job tasks and working environment.


What is meant by induction training?

Induction Training is the preparation and teaching to employee on first joins an organization or change works’ nature. Induction training is providing by organization to enables a new joined employee to become more efficient to dedicated work as quickly. Generally, in induction training procedures, techniques, methods of works.

Types of Induction Programs
  • Introduction to the company, department and internal system
  • Company policy, rules and discipline and introduction of terms and condition
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Introduction of key members
  • Payroll details and other related information
  • Specific title / Job description
  • Role of employee in tasks, job
  • Guidelines and techniques for tasks
  • Procedures for works etc.
See example of how maintain induction training program record:


Induction Training Program Format
induction training program


Induction training is primary training given to person who new jointed department or company. Induction training also called department oriental training. Reason is when any person’s transfer department or join the company, person need a understanding to concern department internal as well as company & department details.

All the new join personnel should conduct induction training program. Human resource department head is communicate and arrange the induction program. The induction training program will conduct generally for the personnel who join the company during the month. Human resource department is preparing and attendances of participant records are maintained. Human resources department executives are communicate with department head for the department requirements. Internal management system and department individual process are in center of the training. Human resource department prepared schedule for training. Trainer arrangements and place, where induction training is being perform.

Generally, peoples are asking? What type of program we can involve in Induction training program? Here below is table for explaining state example for it:


Process / DepartmentFocus Area (General)
Human Resources
  • Joining Formalities
  • Filing up of various statutory & non statutory forms
  • Leave policy, Attendance System
  • Payroll – system & working
  • Asset Tracking, Recording and Management
  • Organization Overview and Induction
  • Introduction to various departments
EngineeringProduction Introduction & working of the engineering Department
FinanceFinancial Policies & Expense statement claim system
PurchaseIntroduction to purchase, Purchase order procedures, Vendor rating, Environment Health & safety system norms followed with vendor
ManufacturingWorking of the manufacturing department, Technicalities
involved, policies and procedures, requirement of the manufacturing team
Quality Assurance / Quality Control testingWorking of the Quality assurance / quality control and testing area, quality
WarehouseWorking of warehouse, policies & procedures, documents and OSHA norms

Induction training is necessary for fresher or experienced person to work smooth on floor level. Here you can see below picture, for records for induction training program. Induction Training program record sheet to know how to conduction the training. And how to manage records, see picture & format for induction training program record:


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