Machine guard inspection checklist

Machine guard inspection checklist

Machine guard inspection checklist

  1. Guard or safety devices are necessary at each point of operation where rotating parts / hot parts of machine.

  2. Installed Machine guard fully prevents operator from reaching around guard.

  3. Guard should covered all expected parts rotating or expected parts that no any leakage of by passes.

  4. Assign authority to any department person, maintenance person who is authority remove guard.

  5. Mechanical engineers are responsible to re install guard in case of any maintenance activities.

  6. After installation of machine guard, important operation of control should be easy ready of operator.

  7. Operator should able to see operation and monitoring, guard to disturbed in routine operations

  8. All the controls must clearly label, readable for every one.

  9. Lock out / Tag out procedure / work instruction must deploy at machine guards.

  10. Guard installation and removal are secured to any one can’t removes; authorized person has permit to lock out / tag out and lock in / tag in as strongly recommended.

  11. Machine routine operations, cleaning lubrication oiling, tightening & preventive maintenance are easily complete without remove guard, design of guard should be supporting to those activities.

  12. All controls, including foot controls, guarded against accidental start-up

  13. Emergency stop controls clearly identified and readily accessible.

  14. All the installation / removing guards are properly trained to complete operations.

  15. All trained people have to knowledge of machine parts / operating system to security of breaking any part during installation and remove process.

  16. Is there any unsafe condition / unsafe behavior / unsafe activities are found, note for implementation.


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