How to manage food safety verification in organization

A food safety verification process is steps to ensure the food safety system is helps to prevent and control as well reducing hazards. It may includes process validation, evaluation and implementation.


The management of food safety and its concern requirements are manage by planning. They are also organize the machinery, equipment, devices, resources and concern procedures. To establish production lines & supporting processes for food product manufacturing. The process verification for the foods product and it procedure is maintain for verify each procedures. The concern resources are engage with production lines are handle to ensure the food product are safe for release for distribution by conducting verification and inspection tasks.

The management is deploy the procedures for the food product manufacturing and its concern processes. Hence the food safety requirements should be properly verify to provide customer satisfaction, standards requirements. As well government requirements for the foods safety that end user concern.

The procedure for the managing food safety verification is type of procedure for verification planning to ensure that the plans food safety requirements are manage, implement as per food product standards requirements. The conducting food safety verification needs to proper procedure to ensure the product quality.

Verification methods

For the managing food safety verification needs to proper method. The method for the verification should be clear, the documents should be properly verify by concern authority. The documentation review and on site verification are manage.

The documentation reviews and site verification is important part for the food safety maintain. The verification process should be manage as per frequency define or as per requirements of the verification. The frequency depends on food product, and its manufacturing facility.

The concern authority are assign duties to concern person that is department personnel are responsible for maintained food safety, manage the processes and its internal requirements. Hence the audit processes and its conformity should be comply by department head and same the implement. The verification processes are maintains by qualified personnel as responsibility assigned by management.

Steps of verification process

The food product safety verification is needs to verify the step by step instructions by concern authority to manage the process. The verification process is maintain to conducting prime requirements are documents. Hence the implementation of the all concern procedures are verification require.

The team is verify the layout design and construction plan where production activities are conduct. There should be visual / documentation verification are needs. The employee is important part for any manufacturing unit that employee facility are also needs to verify that for food safety, and personal hygiene. It may important requirements in that cases, there should at all facility good air supply, water management, utilizes should be manage.

The verification of requirements are also pointing the utilities, equipment planning and maintenance, machine engage with producing food product and facility are verify. Hence the on output of the manufacturing of food product that is liquid and solid waste. Its disposal are consider in verification on priority.

For the food safety most important is cleaning & sanitation, storage rooms, manufacturing facilities should be properly manage. Each one should be clean from dust and foreign matters to ensure the product quality. The each operation and elements are manage as per food safety requirements.

Generally manufacturing facilities are following HACCP requirements that its plan should be properly implement. Hence verification team should be conduct the requirements of HACCP, Hazard concern requirements where all the hazards should be properly controls as category define by organization.

Food safety verification sheet Format

The verification processes are manage as per documentation. See picture below given as example format of food safety verification sheet for education purpose only:


Food safety verification sheet
Food safety verification sheet


This verification sheet is use to verify the records, documents and its concern activities are manage in food product manufacturing unit. The processes are manage and verify as per standard requirement. In the picture given points are general that possible of improvement. Addition as per food production unit scale and requirement of food product.



Download format in word document | Excel Sheet | PDF format

Food safety verification sheet




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