Procedure for 5S Auditing & improvement

Procedure for 5S Auditing & improvement

5S Auditing and Improvement produces help to internal auditors and 5S team for improvement in 5 S activities, 5 S is not one times procedure or having a finish area that cycle process should be continual improvement, for planning to audit that makes is systematic cycle for 5S process, off cause single cycle are or stand that possible to auditable Is sustain that peoples / team are well aware of the 5S activities, standardizes that daily behavior that support 5S process.


Any process or Procedure has a scope that bound of the process that involved activities area to concern. Scope can be zonal, sections, area, department or whole company or unit or multiple units, depends on how much you want to covered, implement 5S.. It’s a Scope; Defined in the scope section should be valid for implementation & Audit.


Definitions should included for understanding of procedure, if you made, read any procedure having a short form of the long sentence or word that makes in short character are mentioned in this section of the procedure to readers, implementer get understanding of words that you shorted.


  1. MRM – Management review meeting
  2. 5S – 1S = Sorting, 2nd S is set in order, 3rd S is Shining or cleaning, 4th S is Standardize or labeling, 5th S is Sustain or make in routine..

Process Descriptions

In the description section, planning, schedules, follows, execute 5S audit to afford purpose verification of the accomplishment & success of 5S. This process owner is 5S leader that coordinator of 5S project establishment & implementation, in this section


  1. From departments,
  2. Area head
  3. 5S checklist
  4. List of area
  5. Names of leaders
  6. 5S audit schedules
  7. Audit plans form


  1. 5S scores or points
  2. Corrective actions
  3. Analysis of 5S activities
  4. Observations

5S Audit should be conduct by 5S qualified auditors as per standards methods & procedures are made by organization. Criteria of the audit should be considered for method.

5S audit flow
5S Flow Audit Template

Define Responsibility

5S Leader Responsibility:

  • Prepare 5S Annual Audit plan; communicate to all sub leaders, Zone Leaders, Section teams.
  • Define scope of audit, frequency on layers
  • Select auditors, verify qualified list of auditor
  • Support to NCs clearance for close audit.
  • Checking of corrective action effectiveness, Root cause, action plan on audit’s observation & as per NCs.

5S Auditor Responsibility:

  • Audit Planning, Scheduling, Checklist & concern information collect of previous audit’s doc. Like findings, CAPA, NC etc..
  • Corrective Action Report, Observations, 5S Audit Result, NCs if any raised.

5S Auditee Responsibility:

  • Corrective actions for non compliance & compliance
  • Carry out the root cause, specify target, preventive actions & impact

Documents & Records:

List of supporting documents, Records for Procedure

Revision Summary:

Details to be filled for previously amendment happen for this procedure.


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