Process Consumables Reorder Level format

Process Consumables Reorder Level format

 Process Consumables Reorder Level format

In the consumable goods store, it’s very critical to maintain thousand of items in single storage, handling & movement of material, reason that thousand of item’s ledger checking for material is in under minimum level is going that indications are not met through ledger applications, store people have to check individual ledger of item is really very though job for humans, solution is records the each items for the highlight critical material that is used in process are considered by process people as critical, that material records are highlight or maintain separately and second ways it gives the each material minimum and maximum level to identify the material.

In the minimum & maximum level that need to create single mode that reorder level which store peoples can understand on which level the material need to order, in the reorder level are maintains on base of the material level which have to maintain in the storage room.

How to find reorder level of material?

Material possible level to process department recommended that material are need in time frame + level material which need to re order to suppliers + to consider time of the transportation & others possible time frame = reorder level times and quantity that need to order you can find.

  1. Process department given instruction for quantity needs time (Day, week, Month)
  2. Transportation time
  3. Re order to supplier

Above are major points that need to take care during considering re-ordering level of any material.


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