Rejected request by Laboratory records

Rejected request by Laboratory records

Rejected request by Laboratory records
Rejected request by Laboratory records

As per international standards ISO 17025 basic requirements is for recording of each rejected samples that are came for testing in laboratory, each records should be need to maintain for request that given by customers for the testing should be gives specific reasons, data of rejected, from which commodity are follows by the customer, who had rejected request.

When the customers give the sample, at the movement customer don’t know your lab able to test or not, you have to specify the reason of the rejected request by customers and same will be acknowledge to customers for the reasons are incorporate all the reasons that affect the request rejection need to identify and acknowledge to customers in the future can take care for not give a sample that lab are not able to do it, reason is in case of the reject request, negative impacts are comes on customer due to samples sending are also takes a time and expensive for customer to sent at laboratory’ destination. All the expenses are bearing the customers.

Some reason should be temporary can possible to avoid the rejection, but is tall depends on the time and situations, there are major possible reasons to reject the request for testing of samples by lab can be:

–         Instrument not available

–         Standard method not available

–         Chemical not available

–         Insufficient capability

–         Or unidentified reason that comes first time

All the above reasons, among some reasons can possible to avoid like instrument  purchase, aware lab technician for standard method that recently customer had requested, chemical stock as requests frequencies, increase capability  that all are impacts on credit on customers try to avoid that reasons never comes against it.

To see the reasons of rejection, this records are very important to analysis for improvement in laboratory, management analysis the records of previously rejected samples that rejected for testing, as per records management can go in line with data from which reasons are much affect the rejected request are need to avoid for capture and maintain customers.

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