Internal Audit Checklist for Quality

QMS : internal audit report General Questionnaire /Internal Audit Checklist for Quality Control / Quality Assurance


internal audit for quality

  1. Are latest copies of all applicable Indian / International standards available?  How are those updated?
  2. Is latest version of customer specifications available? Are those intimated based on customer notification?
  3. In case of any change in customer spec. / product technical requirements how are these studied and actions initiated so as  to ensure ongoing implementation?
  4. Is receiving inspection of incoming raw materials carried out as per control plan? Are records maintained?  Is test certificate obtained for each RM supplier? Is it verified for appropriateness of quality requirements?
  5. Are records of incoming inspection maintained? Do the materials pass all acceptances criteria requirements?
  6. Is final inspection carried out as per control plan & relevant standard? Are results satisfactory? If not are products rejected and informed to production?
  7. Are lab testing activities carried out as per relevant work instructions? Are records maintained?
  8. Are tested samples properly identified & retained with pre defined retention period?
  9. Are products non- conformity compiled and regenerated defect wise?  Are analysis results informed to concerned production section?  Are improvement actions initiated against these?
  10. How are customer complaints handled? How are these analyzed for cause? Are appropriate corrections, Action initiated against complaint & in line with root cause identified?
  11. Are externals products non-conformities observed? What are current external PPM trends? Are action initiated to minimize PPM levels
  12. For each complaint is cycle time for resolution monitored? Are actions taken to reduce this cycle time?
  13. Is cost of pour quality monitored? Does it cover both internal & external failures? Are trends analysis ? Are action initiated to reduce COPQ?
  14. For new products to be developed (out of current Manufacturingrange or new type of material or special heat treatment or special shape) are requirements reviewed & new product development process as per APQP procedure followed?
  15. Is team feasibility review done as initial stage? In case of totally different type of products is initial risk analysis evident? Is quality planning sign of & product is initial risk analysis evident?
  16. Is PPAP procedure followed as per customer requirement? Does it cover all requirements as per; PPAP 4th Version AIAG ref. Manual
  17. Is list of monitoring & measuring devices for calibration maintained? Are all MMDs calibrated periodically? Do the calibration result indicates compliance to accuracy requirements? Is it verified after calibration status sticker put on each MMD to identify status?
  18. Is outside calibration / testing done only through NABL accrediting Test labs?
  19. Are measurement system analysis studies planned & conducted?
  20. Are these studies conducted as per MSA 3rd rev. of AIAG & as per procedure?
  21. Are results analyzed to study acceptance/ non-acceptance of measurement system?
  22. Are SPC studies conducted as per plan?
  23. Is process capability acceptable (above 1.67)? If not are actions initiated for improvement?
  24. Are product audits planned and conducted? Do these cover all stages of product manufacturing including packing and labeling

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