How to standardize the practice for rejected goods in inspection

How to standardize the practice for rejected goods in inspection

Make the standardize the practice for rejected goods in inspection process. Prepare documents to acknowledge to supplier for rejected materials in inspection process as supplied against order.


The procurement team is raise the request to quality department for verification and inspect the materials received from suppliers, the materials inspection processes are managed by quality team once the request received, during the inspection processes in case the material identified defected, damage or any quality issues that quality team is sending the report to store department for further actions, store department is communicate with supplier through the rejection goods intimation letter / form to acknowledge the rejection raised during the inspection processes with received materials,  the rejection goods intimation is documents where the store department describe information of rejection, method of inspection, received rejected quantity and other important details needs for further actions are mentioned and sending to supplier for necessary actions.

Rejection goods intimation process

The rejection goods intimation process is conducted by store department, and store manager is responsible for prepared rejection goods intimation format, communicate with suppliers for further actions. The documentation are prepared & used to describe the rejection details, see picture below given as example format of rejection goods intimation format:

Rejection goods intimation template, rejected goods
Rejection goods intimation format

Maintain Documents

Rejection goods intimation format is use for describe rejection details of material purchased. The rejected materials acknowledgement format provides detailed information about the rejected materials identified during quality inspection. This format is filled by store department and sends to supplier as acknowledge of rejection identified during inspection processes. The documentation are maintained, storage and disposal are conducted as per standard documentation system.


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Rejection goods intimation



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