What is sales quotation? how to prepare it? – Format | Templates

What is sales quotation?  how to prepare it? – Format | Templates

Quotation Format

The document prepares by supplier on demands of customers for requested product costs is called “Sales Quotation”. This sales quotation document may involve estimated information of technical, specifications, cost of product and taxes. Many Businesses are providing the products that cannot have specific price list, as the many kinds services and customize costs may include.

Overview to sales Quotation

Selling and promotion of products and services is not just a matter of giving low quote but also helps to establishing natural relationships with your customers. Your sales quote is mirror of your business strategies, which gives you excellent opportunity to interact with your customers.

Creating a sales quotation is art that gain business with impress to customers. It may provide a single chance to explain your product details, technical and overall sales plans against customers through it.

What information are sales quotation being delivers?

Highlight information for attention of customers which are more important. try to maintain the transparency of information such as taxes and levies, prices, and other changes. The information provide in sales quotation should be easy understandable such as quote calculations, taxes and levies and terms of deal. Some information which required to highlight in sales quotation are:

  • Quote Price:

    Rate of the quote should be clear, readable and easy for understandable to customer. Generally, in engineering, quote prices are defining on base of meters, units, kgs etc., that will makes confuse to customer, so it should be clearly indicated such as (1) $ 1.50 / Kg (2) $3.00/unit etc.

  • Delivery date:

    Delivery date is one of the important aspects of customers. Usually, every customer is expecting early delivery than actually time takes for producing materials. Hence, delivery period must be actual or possible for act.

  • Payment Terms:

    Provide all the possible payment methods to customers in sales quotation. Hence customer can feel comfort to choose any easy and reliable method for payment.

  • Expiration Date:

    A quote should include an expiry date or validation offer date. Which mean that the supplier is not bound to the rate quoted after that date.

  • Technical Details:

    Technical details is one of the important part of the sales quotation. All the future deals are depending on the technical terms and customer’s requirements. Hence all the technical aspect of customers should be including in sales quotation. Such as inspection details (It may Internal / Third party inspection) Test certificate (Usually mill test certificate or third party certificate), Acceptable tolerances (Acceptable / standard tolerance with product measurements), Packaging details (It may include type of packing) etc.

  • Contact details:

    Your customer will want to know who they can contact if they have any queries, or needs further information. It is very important for primary contacts and alternative contact details should be mentioned in quote, that will help to your customers for immediate contacts.

Some other information such as discounts, third party delivery, special offer, festival offers etc., are may also include as appropriate conditions. But above mentioned details are initially expecting or necessary for sales quotation. See example pictures of sales quotation as below:

Quotation Formats

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Sales Quotation Format – Figure (1)
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Sales Quotation Format – Figure (2)


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