Supplier Quality Assessment form

Supplier Quality Assessment form

supplier quality assessment form

This guidelines supplier quality assessment helps to instructing applicable for selection, supplier evaluation of each supplier for the raw materials and consumable goods where all the store material that is spares and parts, chemicals etc., which directly / indirectly effecting on the product quality or internal process performance. The quality assessment of each supplier needs to provide documented method for selection, evaluation and assessment program for the suppliers. The supplier certification process is managed on completion of supplier quality assessment.

As the standard practice, all the new supplier should be approved based on one or more criteria defined by management as internal system requirements, hence the standard internal management system like ISO 9001 and TS 16949 (Technical specifications)’s manuals and its applicable clauses should be fulfilled. As we’ll are knowing the terms of requirements for reputed manufacturer in the specific products, infrastructure, resources should be complied accordingly. Supplier quality assessment process is general process and can be apply in any type of industry that general requirements of assessment like supplier evaluation, approval process and resources requirements are consideration required during the assessment. The additional resources from prospective supplier are also merged in assessment on compliance of reconciliation. Supplier documentation management is part of supplier quality assessment hence all the required resources, documentation, supplier audit and improvement, compliance of non-conformance are conducted by purchase authority and management representative of quality management system.

Supplier performance evaluation is responsibility of management, if management representative / director level personal should identify the criteria for evaluation and re-evaluation of supplier as purchased products are recommended. The periodically of re-evaluation review should conducted by head of department purchase and store must communicate some factors that are importance of purchase product and analysis of collected data, market environment, frequency of purchase and others. The whole process of supplier assessment is conducted to improvement of existing supplier quality excellence and development of internal management system standards for purchase.

An organization strongly follows quality management system that organization also expecting the best quality management system for the vendor that raw materials as well as consumable goods are purchasing, if the quality management system strong that product quality enhancement and improvement in product quality is being reliable.

Supplier quality assessment is simple process that customers are safely generate the data as per supplier provided information, customer’s purchasing department are records the data from the supplier that filled in this form for the check out the quality of the suppliers as per previous supply. Supplier quality assessment process are done as per previously supplied materials, delivery times, quality and rejections, sales after services etc… for the organization requirements of the supplier quality assessment form that here ready made format are available for download

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