Environment health and safety project review documentation

Environment health and safety project review documentation   Environment health and safety project review is verification and analysis to identify EHS requirements, resources to maintain and improvement of project.   Environment health and safety project review and its documentation are prepared, maintained and update by concern management i.e. project manager to identify project requirements where … Read more

Supplier performance card

Supplier performance card “Customers are king of market” this evergreen sentence never became fall till market is available. Customer are always expecting more & more from supplier that can be lower price or quality and on base of the performance of supplier, customer are takes the actions for the purchasing materials form well know supplier … Read more

Accident witness statement form

Accident witness statement form   Incident / accident is dark side of the organization, when organization product or supporting machinery, equipment are very heavy or the processes requirements are very critical for maintain the safe system that incident / accident prevent in organization. For minimize that incident / accident organization strongly recommend for the deep … Read more

Inspection Control Register

Inspection Control Register   Checklist is finest solution for inspect any location, equipment, process or product concern. Inspection checklist help to inspector to focus on critical part of the subject that required inspecting deeply, there some options of the checklist point give the reference to check out / inspect the subject that can be equipment, … Read more

Management role & responsibility Audit point

Management role & responsibility Audit point Frequently management reviews are conducted? All the management peoples are involved in management review meeting? Is there management review meeting agenda are prepared for each review meeting? Minutes of meeting / management review meetings recorded? All possible activities / inputs are provided in each meeting? Are there records specifically … Read more

Chemical Storage Room Safety inspection Checklist

Chemical Storage Room Safety inspection Checklist   Chemical Storage room is high categories flammables & sensitive for the human body and environment that harm fetal accidents need to daily monitoring and controlling on the activities that cause serious accidents. For the daily monitoring, safety inspection checklist are need to prepared and strongly follows as instructions … Read more

Belt & sling inspection checklist

Belt & sling inspection checklist   A primary requirement  of any organization is the heavy equipment to supporting manufacturing processes, crane, lifting equipment, hoist types of engineering products that need to install and take advance benefit to run manufacturing process smoothly and quickly. For the supporting equipment having needs as the primary requirements for the … Read more

Safety inspection Checklist Points for Store

Safety inspection Checklist Points for Materials Storage / Chemical Storage ( Store Department) Do people wear appropriate PPE’s (safety Shoes, Helmet, Hand Gloves) during material (chemicals high flammable) loading / unloading activity? Is there any proper arrangement for working on height in store room area, condition of ladders, tables or any other arrangement Are there … Read more

Near Miss report

Near Miss report What is near miss? – Definition of Near Miss A near miss is a potential hazard or incident that has not resulted in any personal injury or Environmental Impacts due to incident.   A near miss is an incident that had not any personal injury or environment impacts are noted but it may cause … Read more

MRM Agenda

MRM Agenda Organization discussion in general meeting concern activities, problems and improvements as same in the management review meeting (MRM) is conducting by management representative with steering committee member to discuss on the performance of environment health & safety performance.   Management review meeting are conducting as per frequency defined by organization system, which can … Read more